About Me

My name is Anton Logvinenko. Anton Logvinenko

I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine where I was born on 4 April 1986. I graduated from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics with the Computer Systems Engineer Degree. I work in MobiDev company by PHP Team Leader. My primary language is PHP. Prior to that I have worked about 5 years as a System Administrator. That's why I have vast experience in System Administration, especially with hardware and network technologies. I am impressed by Linux and Open Source solutions. Also I like to investigate new technologies and to develop my skills.

That’s why I am trying to follow several things in development:

  • to write clean code with strong ability to change and scale
  • to learn new technologies and to develop my skills
  • to use open-source technologies

Key Skills

  • 10 years in IT
  • More than 5 years in Web Development
  • Ability to function independently or within small teams
  • Ability to solve complex technology and business issues
  • Strong skills in Linux
  • Good problem solving skills

Technical Skills

  • PHP 5.3+ (OOP, Yii Framework, Laravel)
  • JavaScript (jQuery, Backbone.js, Marionette.js , RequireJS, Underscore.js)
  • Knowledge of common design patterns
  • Relational Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • NoSQL Databases (Redis, MongoDB)
  • Unit testing
  • Version Control (Git, Subversion)
  • Web Servers (Apache, nginx)
  • Sphinx Search Server
  • Cloud Computing Services (Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud)
  • Linux servers administration
  • Bash Scripting
  • Deployment automation (Vagrant, Ansible, Docker)
  • Virtualization (VirtualBox, Docker)
  • Caching (Memcached, Redis)
  • Experience in building eCommerce and Retail ERP systems
  • Experience in creating systems with Social elements (Likes, Following, Friendship, etc.)
  • Experience in video hosting development (uploading, storing, converting and streaming video)
  • Experience in Geolocation (detect location by GPS coordinates or IP address, search places in geo radius)
  • An instinct for usability

If you want to contact me go to the Contacts page

My Certificates, Awards, etc.

Certificate. MongoDB for DBAs
Certificate. MongoDB for DBAs
Successfully completed a course of study "M102: MongoDB for DBAs" offered by MongoDB, Inc

MobiDev Expert in Web Development
Certificate of Achievement
the qualification of MobiDev Expert in Web development

System Administrator 2012
Certificate. Professional in System Administration
Certificate was given after competition between system administrators in post soviet union countries. Competition was organized by Ideco company

Diploma from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics. I graduated with Master's degree in Computer Systems