About Me

Логвиненко Антон

Who Am I?

My name is Anton Logvinenko

I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine


I like everything related to information technology. Computers, electronics, programming, etc. This is my hobby and my source of income.

I love nature. It's always a joy to get to some uncrowded and beautiful place with fresh air. I like places where nature pleases with its beauty. While visiting such places I can take a new photo for my Instagram

Sometimes I enjoy DIY projects. I like doing things with my own hands. I can make something useful from useless things. I can solder something with a soldering iron. Sometimes I need to do something in the apartment by myself. Actually it doesn’t matter what to do. All these activities help me to switch the brain to something different from my work. It is useful sometimes to reboot the brain :)

I am excited about the history of old computers and consoles. Old consoles and retrogaming is a very interesting topic for me. It's a pleasure to find an old, non-working console, restore it and play a game on it. I already have quite a lot consoles

I'm a bit of a blogger (when I have time for this). I have a text Blog and the YouTube channel


I finished high school in Kharkiv. I graduated from the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics. I studied there for 5 years and received a diploma with the qualification of a computer systems engineer. My specialty called "Specialized computer systems"

My IT Life

During my student years, I used to work part time as a system administrator. It was a time when the dial-up Internet was ending its life in Ukraine. Local networks with Internet access began a new epoch in our country. It was the time of small Internet providers. I worked for such an Internet provider as a system administrator. That was the beginning of my IT experience. This gave me good practical experience in networking and Linux.

I also worked as a system administrator in the office. I had a slightly different experience there. I worked as a system administrator for about 4 years. Then I realized that I didn't really learn anything new and decided to master something from the programming area. My choice fell on PHP and Web Development. I taught everything by myself. I mastered Joomla CMS and made a several websites on it

After getting self educational skills I tried to pass an interview for a position of PHP developer in the MobiDev company. They hired me. I still work for this company. I am in the position of PHP Team Leader at the moment. I grew up as a specialist in this company, I always learn something new and develop myself together with the company. I don't write much code nowadays. I have slightly different tasks now. I already know a lot more than just PHP. I have vast experience in backend development and I have many roles in the company. I am PHP Team Leader, Tech Leader, Solution Architect and Pre-Sale Expert

My experience in system administration helps me in development. I am impressed by Linux and Open Source solutions. I often use them in my solutions. I also love to explore new technologies and develop my skills. I try to follow next things in development:

  • write clean code that is flexible to change and scale
  • learn new technologies and develop my skills
  • use OpenSource technologies

Key Skills

  • 14+ years in IT
  • 10+ years of primary experience in backend development
  • Design and creation of architectural solutions
  • Ability to solve complex technology and business issues
  • Ability to function independently or within small teams
  • I can solve technical problems
  • An instinct for usability

Technical Skills

  • Languages:​ PHP, Python, JavaScript (outdated skills), Bash Scripting
  • PHP Frameworks: ​ Symfony, Laravel, Yii
  • JavaScript Frameworks: ​ Backbone.js, Marionette.js
  • Python Frameworks: ​ Flask
  • Relational Databases:​ PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB
  • NoSQL Databases:​ Redis, MongoDB
  • Cache Servers​ : Memcached, Redis
  • Other services/servers:​ Supervisor, Sphinx Search engine, RabbitMQ, Mosquitto, Exim
  • Tests:​ PHPUnit, Behat
  • CVS:​ Git, Subversion
  • IDE:​ PHPStorm, Visual Studio Code
  • Cloud Services​ : Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services​ : IAM, CloudWatch, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, API Gateway, Lambda, EC2, S3, ECR, ECS, Fargate, RDS (PostgreSQL), ElastiCache (redis), SES, VPC, Route 53, AWS EMR
  • Virtualization:​ Vagrant, VirtualBox, VMware Player
  • DevOps Tools:​ Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, GitlabCI, Monit, AWS CLI, gcloud CLI, Sentry
  • Docker Orchestration: Kubernetes, Docker Swarm

Development experience

  • Data engineering in DataScience projects
  • eCommerce and Retail ERP systems
  • B2B projects
  • taxi services

If you want to contact me go to the Contacts page