December 6, 2017 How to install Go on Ubuntu

Raspberry PI 2 Windows IoT

Windows IoT Core works on Raspberry Pi.

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Raspberry PI 2 Ubuntu

Technical description about RASPBERRY PI 2 MODEL B here

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Sphinx Search Server

Sphinx Search Server - Open Source full text search engine that was written by Andrew Aksyonoff. I think main features of the Sphinx are high performance (because it's written in C++), very nice relevance ranking, abilities to build search index from different sources.

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December 1, 2013 Free MongoDB course for DBA

Recently I successfully finished free online 7 weeks MongoDB Course for DBA from MongoDB University. It was very usefull course for me. As I am a beginner in Mongo it helped me to understand and to learn a kind of "MongoDB way". I would recommend this course especially for beginners and not only for beginners but for people who wanted to know how to scale MongoDB, how to use replications and sharding in MongoDB. When you will stressfully finish course (you need to done homeworks and to pass final exam) you will get certificate from MongoDB Inc.

So, for people who can't find free time to take course I will share videos from course. Maybe for someone it would be usefull to watch some topics from this course.

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