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How to delete all files from Amazon S3 bucket
November 9, 2013

Unfortunately there is no way to remove all files from bucket in Amazon AWS console. But how to remove all files from Amazon S3 bucket? I did that with an s3cmd tool and a small bash script.

Development amazon s3 administration

Sudo with no password promt on Linux
April 4, 2013

sudo no password

I am tired to type each time password when I type sudo command. And you? It is possible to use sudo with no password in Ubuntu and any other Linux systems. So, do you want to use sudo without password prompt?

Development linux sudo

How to play Doom 3 on Linux
April 3, 2013

Doom 3 on Linux

Do you want to play Doom 3 on Linux? It's possible!

linux doom 3

OSS Proxy Daemon. Linux userland OSS sound device
April 2, 2013

OSS Proxy Daemon is a Linux userland OSS sound device (e.g. /dev/dsp, /dev/mixer) that supports forwarding OSS sound streams to PulseAudio and ALSA.


How to install Prey on Linux
March 7, 2013

linux game

Monitor Dell S2340L vs Dell U2312HM
March 4, 2013

I have recently bought a Dell S2340L. Prior to this i have used Dell U2312HM at work.

Hardware dell monitor

How to get title from an audio stream with Python
December 25, 2012

How to get the name of a song from an audio stream?

Development python audio stream

Daily Backups from Amazon EC2
November 24, 2012

Amazon EC2 Backups

Task: to create daily backups from Amazon EC2 Instance (backup MySQL database, content related to site) and copy this backup to another PC. It is possible to do with bash scripts.

Development amazon backup administration

Emulation of mouse movements and keystrokes
September 16, 2012

How can i emulate keyboard and mouse activity on the system? How to automate it?

Development linux bash automation

Automatic migrations in Yii after git pull
August 1, 2012

Git Hooks in Yii

I have been using Git and Yii Framework for a long time. I develop projects mostly in a team. So I have to use the migrations (changes in the database's structure). I am interested in how I can automate the usage of automatic migrations.

Development yii git git hooks