How to install Sphinx Search Server
April 26, 2014

Sphinx Search Server

Sphinx Search Server - Open Source full text search engine that was written by Andrew Aksyonoff. I think main features of the Sphinx are high performance (because it's written in C++), very nice relevance ranking, abilities to build search index from different sources.

To get latest stable version of the Sphinx Search Server you need to go to the official Sphinx downloads page . You can get there ready to install packages for different Linux distributions (Ubuntu, RHEL, Debian, etc.). But I prefer to install Sphinx from source.

Install Sphinx Search Server from source

Before install Sphinx from source in Linux make sure you have install required packages:

sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev libc6-dev libc6 make gcc g++ 

After that download and unpack the latest version of the Sphinx

sudo -i
cd /tmp
wget -O sphinx.tar.gz
tar -zxvf sphinx.tar.gz
cd sphinx-*/

If you are planing to use Sphinx with MySQL or you don't know yet just run configure command without parameters

sudo ./configure

Are you planing to use it with PostgreSQL (PostgreSQL should be alredy installed)? Then you should add --with-pgsql parameter

sudo ./configure --with-pgsql

And the final step is to compile and to install Sphinx

sudo make && sudo make install

Thtat's all. Sphinx Search should be installed. Your next step is Sphinx configuration.

Last update May 9, 2021
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