Monitor Dell S2340L vs Dell U2312HM
March 4, 2013

I have recently bought a Dell S2340L. Prior to this i have used Dell U2312HM at work.

Before buying this monitor I had doubts in choosing between the S2340L or U2312HM. So I have written this comparison for you, maybe it will help someone to make a right choice.

The quality of plastic, build quality and design are very good, as always with Dell monitors. Of course the price has made me happy. Both models are in the same price range and I think many people could not decide which is better to choose between S2340L and U2312HM.


  • Picture. Dell S2340L has an AH-IPS matrix, but not an E-IPS like in the Dell U2312HM. Dell's picture quality is great. I like to watch FullHD films with S2340L regulary.
  • Response time. Dell S2340L has a 7ms time response, but U2312HM has 8ms. Actually the difference is not noticeable for our eyes, but S2340L has better time response.
  • Angle. Nothing to complain about. From any angle all viewing is perfectly clear.
  • Glossy panel. With the Glossy Display the viewing is excellent and is a cool feature. The picture quality is for superior to the mate display of the U2312HM.


  • HDMI and VGA connectors. Dell S2340L has no DVI connector. Of course HDMI is most modern connector, but I had inconveniences when the HDMI is activating only after the full load of my operating system with the necessary drivers. It is impossible to view the loading process or to enter the BIOS without connecting to the VGA connector.
  • USB hub. There is no USB hub present in the S2340L. However the U2312HM has the capacity to connect to USB. I don't utilize USB that frequently, but if I need to connect a USB device I have capability to use the front panel of my PC as alternative.
  • Vertical movement. The S2340L has no vertical movement where the U2312HM does. You can only tilt the S2340L panel up to 4° forward or 21° backward. But this is enough for my home usage.
  • Brightness. U2312HM has brightness to 300 cd/m2, but S2340L has to 250 cd/m2. Personally, this is enough for me. My brightness is set to 75%. And off course power consumption with this brightness is less.


I'm pleased with my choice of a home monitor. The Dell S2340L is well suited for my purposes. For the work I prefer to use U2312HM because most of my work time I spend with text and code, but not with multimedia. A beautiful picture is not so important in this case, it is more important how fast my eyes get tired.

UPD 26 Jun 2013. I have used this monitor for 5 month and after that period I got a problem with matrix. 1/3 part of monitor's matrix shows me picture with incorrect color reproduction. I have brought monitor to the Dell's Service Center.
UPD 4 Aug 2013. 30 Jun 2013 I got a message from Service Center that I can get back my monitor (it took less than a week). They change a new matrix in my monitor. In my case according to Dell's politic they give to customer a new monitor but with old monitor stand and cables. So, I am using my new monitor and I am happy.

Last update May 9, 2021
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