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Basic Linux commands
May 9, 2021

Basic Linux commands

Cheat Sheet linux

How to install Sphinx Search Server
April 26, 2014

Sphinx Search Server

Sphinx Search Server - Open Source full text search engine that was written by Andrew Aksyonoff. I think main features of the Sphinx are high performance (because it's written in C++), very nice relevance ranking, abilities to build search index from different sources.

Development sphinx search linux

Sudo with no password promt on Linux
April 4, 2013

sudo no password

I am tired to type each time password when I type sudo command. And you? It is possible to use sudo with no password in Ubuntu and any other Linux systems. So, do you want to use sudo without password prompt?

Development linux sudo

How to play Doom 3 on Linux
April 3, 2013

Doom 3 on Linux

Do you want to play Doom 3 on Linux? It's possible!

linux doom 3

OSS Proxy Daemon. Linux userland OSS sound device
April 2, 2013

OSS Proxy Daemon is a Linux userland OSS sound device (e.g. /dev/dsp, /dev/mixer) that supports forwarding OSS sound streams to PulseAudio and ALSA.


How to install Prey on Linux
March 7, 2013

linux game

Emulation of mouse movements and keystrokes
September 16, 2012

How can i emulate keyboard and mouse activity on the system? How to automate it?

Development linux bash automation

Twitter client for Ubuntu
June 10, 2012

After searching for twitter client for Ubuntu I have stopped my choice on Spaz. Spaz is twitter client that works with Adobe Air. IMHO it is the best twitter client for Linux

twitter ubuntu linux spaz