Why I need a blog? 10 reasons
May 28, 2012

Recently I've started the blog and people sometimes asking me why I need it? What reasons? Why blog?

After a little thought, I decided to write these reasons:

  1. Possibility to share information, experience
  2. Acquaintance with new people. People with whom I have common interests. If we have the same interests than you are wellcome to the my contacts page
  3. Possibility to show knowledge, experience to the potential employees or customers. It's good to be low and to show my level
  4. Strengthen of the knowledge and professional skills development. Sometimes when you write an article you start strengthen your knowledge. When you have an experience and knowledge in something it's turning in the head but when you start to write about it you are trying to make it better
  5. Look from outside. Sometimes it is useful to take a detached view of your result from other people. Probably, someone will offer to you better solution
  6. Possibility to advertize something. If you have a good audience it gives the chance to inform target audience. But it is necessary to do not abuse it
  7. Monetization. The blog with big audience can make profit. The simplest way - advertizing
  8. Human memory has a property to forget. The blog something is similar to a notebook. It always possible to return and to remember what you are already done
  9. Practice in SEO. One of the reasons is a practice of search engine optimization
  10. Practice in English. I have a multilingual blog and it gives me the chance to write articles not only in Russian (my native language) but also in English
Last update May 29, 2012